A Level Exam Changes for 2021

Maths, Further Maths and Physics EXAM Changes for 2021

UPDATE 26 Feb 2021
Here is a breakdown of the information released so far – (8am, 25/2/21) GCSE and A-level
  • Teachers will award grades on the basis of mock exams, coursework and essays. Schools are allowed to decide which evidence is best
  • Optional ‘mini-exams’ set by exam boards (could also be past exam papers), but these will not decide final grades
  • If optional ‘mini-tests’ are taken, they will not be exam conditions, will take place in class with no time limit and will be marked by teachers
  • Detailed information will be sent to teachers to help them decide grades and ensure a level of consistency amongst all teachers, no matter what school you’re at
  • Grades will be sent by teachers to Ofqual by the 18th June, where quality assurance tests will take place
  • Exam boards will provide some scrutiny, in the form of sampling of evidence. Some centres will be sampled, randomly over a broad range of types of centres, or if there are unusual patterns of results based on past performance on a centre. Exam boards intervening should be an exception, not the norm.
  • No specific standardising amongst schools or colleges, and schools are not expected to keep in line with last years results
  • ‘Clear and robust’ appeals process will be in place, more detail on this to follow – it will be free and if you are still unhappy, you will have the option of exams in Autumn
  • Appeals will be allowed based on perceived process and judgment errors, i.e data entry mistakes or a belief that a grade was not a reasonable judgment based on evidence provided.

A-level and GCSE students could receive results in July amid cancelled exams (msn.com)