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Alan Swinburne: Expert Online Tutor, Examiner of A Level Maths, Further Maths and Physics.

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Learning how to resolve forces

Fully Qualified, Experienced Tutor with recent proven success of placing  students into University 2021. 

This Equipotentials Image shows how to calculate the work done in moving a charge Q across a changing Potential
Physics A level:
How to Calculate the Work Done in moving a charge Q across a Potential Difference along a field line Y to X

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A Level Maths Whiteboard Example of a Small Angle Approximation Question
A Level Maths:
BITPAPER Example of a Small Angle Approximation Question

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ALevel Further Maths Whiteboard example showing how to appy the sigma notation formulae to a given question
A Level Further Maths BITPAPER example: Shows how to apply the sigma notation formulae to a given question

Currently using BITPAPER successfully as an interface with my students. I prepare the lesson in advance with all the necessary learning materials spread over many pages that can be accessed by the student. Lessons are tailor-made to the requirements of the current specification of the Examination Board

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