Recent Reviews

Here is a sample of the 27 FIVE STAR reviews that I have received recently.
As a Maths Tutor, Further Maths Tutor and as a Physics Tutor.
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Further Maths Student now (2021) in her final year of studying Maths at Birmingham University
“Alan immediately set up a good rapport with my daughter, put her at ease and engaged with her on the A level Maths/Further Maths modules she needed support with. Alan is certainly very knowledgeable in his field and knows how to communicate with a student. My daughter is already feeling more confident and comfortable with the subject after just two lessons. We are looking forward to a successful A level outcome! Thank you Alan.”

Maths and Physics Student now(2021) in his second year of University studying Aeronautical Engineering
“Alan has been tutoring our son A level Physics for the last 5 months, As a parent I can say that he is fantastic, He keeps us well informed of his progress, homework given and always available when needed. He has a very professional approach and has Tailored every session to our sons exact need.
The most important feed back comes from my son who says, The Alans teaching is so clear and he helps him understand things that at school he does not get. Alan makes clear and detailed notes through the session that he gets to keep to look back on which is an incredible help. He is patient, friendly and he looks forwards to his lessons.
Our son feels 100 % more confident now since his time with Alan
We will soon be having additional sessions with him for Maths as well.
I could not recommend him highly enough and feel very lucky to have found him.”

Physics and Maths Student now(2021) at University studying Chemical Engineering
“My daughter has received 4 Physics lessons for A level from Alan so far. Excellent lesson planning and focus on those areas she finds most difficult. I wouldn`t hesitate in recommending Alan. My daughter says he is very good at explaining the most difficult concepts which she hasn`t managed to understand otherwise and she comes out of the lessons very happy. We have emailed topics for the following sessions and he always has full notes and preparation with an excellent targeted teaching approach without adding further pressure.”

EDEXCEL  Maths Student now (2021)studying Maths at University ”
“Alan worked with our son ahead of A Levels. He quickly established what support was needed, filled in the gaps in his knowledge and set him challenging work to do between sessions. Our son found him an excellent teacher and they built up a good rapport – as a consequence his confidence in Maths grew dramatically and he started to enjoy it again.
If A Levels hadn’t been cancelled (2020) we are confident that he would have achieved a higher grade. We would wholeheartedly recommend Alan.”